Savanna Samson Wine

savannaduelabel-1Upon meeting Natalie Oliveros, one is immediately struck by her all encompassing beauty and elegance. She has a disarming smile and engaging personality. And a body that shrieks both envy and desire.

Altogether, not overly surprising when one considers that under the pseudonym, Savanna Samson, she became an immense and widely acclaimed star in the adult film industry. Showered with countless awards, more than 10 Oscar equivalents, and the admiration of millions across the world and within the industry itself.

Despite all this acclaim, she has an endearing humility. Certainly proud of her achievements but seemingly unaware of the stature she attained in her chosen career.

She has consistently defied the stereotype that one generally ascribes to those who perform acts before the camera that most dream of experiencing behind closed doors.

She is an avid fan and refined connoisseur of opera and ballet. The latter ever since her childhood.

In recent years, however, she has developed a contagious enthusiasm and real passion for wine. One that promises to take her to renewed heights of acclaim as she embarks on a new career.

An adult film star, who knows wine. Really? One can hear the groans of skepticism growing. But consider the following facts. Over the years she has had the privilege of visiting countless vineyards across Europe and elsewhere and has met with many of the world’s most renowned winemakers and viticulturists. She can vex lyrical on any type of grape, terroir, blend and vintage you care to raise with her.

In 2006 she launched her very first wine, Sogno Uno 2004. A carefully and disciplined blend of Cesenese, Sangiovese and Montalputiano from Tuscany and the Lazzio region of Italy. The result? A extraordinary rating of 91 points awarded by none other than Robert Parker himself, the uncontested global wine appraiser and supremo. Not bad for a first try! This was followed by a 2005 Falanghina, Sogno Due, from the Campania region in Italy and then Sogno Tre 2005, a bold and exquisite Barbera that also generated loud applause.

In many ways, Sogno Uno, Due and Tre, literally Dream one, two and three, were just the beginning of an exciting journey in her search for the Sogno Vero, or true dream. Her educated and polished palette led her to focus on Brunello di Montalcine wines. Fittingly, they emanate from a geography that is often referred to as the Queen of Tuscany. As fortune would have it, she recently acquired a majority stake in La Fiorita which was founded in 1992. Her partner in the venture, Roberto Cipresso, is a globally acclaimed winemaker who previously developed the Sogno brand together with Natalie. It was thus a logical step that they would join forces to develop and nurture the La Fiorita brand into a force to be reckoned with.

ss_vineyardIn her own words Natalie explains the journey covered and the promise of the future, “I feared I would become a fallen star. Stuck in a box from which would it be hard to escape. Wine enables me to express my femininity and emotions. To reinvigorate and foster the growth of an established brand, together with Roberto fills me with excitement and a healthy dose of trepidation.”

The path is set. No doubt those sparkling eyes have already formed a vision. One that will create a new star in the world of wine. The La Fiorita story is about to be written and it’s enterprising author has already started to put pen to paper.